NASA Praises Young British Boy’s ‘Great’ Rocket Design

A budding four-year-old astronaut who sent NASA a letter asking it to build a rocket he designed was thrilled when the space agency replied with their own letter praising him.

Idris Hylton, who is now aged five, wrote directly to the organisation urging it to make the craft and he even offered to fly it into space.

He also said he wanted to be given an astronaut licence.

Idris claimed his rocket would fly faster than any of NASA’s ones.

His letter read: “To NASA, I made a letter for you to report about. This rocket is for you. Please make it and send it to an astronaut in space.

“I will fly my rocket to space for NASA. Please can I have an astronaut licence. From Idris, aged four.”

His father Jamal Hylton, from St Albans in Hertfordshire, said his son “went crazy” when the agency sent a formal letter back thanking Idris for his “great” design.

Kevin DeBruin, a systems engineer from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, wrote: “Thank you very much for your design of your rocket, it’s great!

“Creating work like this is the start to a great future astronaut who can pilot a rocket. Keep it up!”

He added: “Working with outer space vehicles and equipment takes hard work and dedication. This means you have to be enthusiastic in school to try put forth your best effort every time.

“Continue your interest in outer space, rockets, and all aerospace related things! With your enthusiasm and hard work, hopefully you may contribute to one of NASA’s many exciting programmes in the future.

“Best of luck to you in your journey towards space!”

Mr Hylton told Sky News: “Idris went crazy when it came through the post, phoned me at work shouting ‘Dad, NASA replied’.

“We’ve read the letter together countless times and he’s waiting to get back to school in September to show it to his teachers.

“The best thing is that he’s now set on a career as an astronaut or engineer, and the letter from Kevin DeBruin has inspired him to believe it’s possible.”

He explained his son didn’t get a response from NASA for several months after sending the letter to its Washington HQ.

But then Mr Hylton tweeted the agency directly and Mr DeBruin saw the tweet and asked for more details.

Mr Hylton went on: “He responded to my son with a really motivational letter and NASA stickers.”

Earlier this month, a nine-year-old boy received an encouraging response from NASA after he applied for a job at the agency.

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